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What we do, who we are and why you will feel well looked after by us.

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M.Maile Immobilien GmbH was founded in 2003 as a result of the family’s business Maile Hausverwaltung&Immobilien  (Maile House Management and Real Estate) which have been in existence since 1925.
In our family, reliability, honesty and trust have always formed the basis of achievement. Experience and expertise on the one hand, insight into human nature as well as living and operating in accordance with true values on the other have made Maile Immobilien a successful company.

In Stuttgart and on Google, as an example, Maile Immobilien receives best possible real estate ratings.

I myself was born and raised in Stuttgart and am now heading the family’s 4th generation in real estate industry. Degrees in business administration and real estate management coupled with my family’s experience in the sector have equipped me with excellent professional knowledge. Numerous stays abroad and contacts all over the world have broadened my perspective on both business and people.

„M.Maile Immobilien GmbH – A real estate agent with heart”

As part of our service, it matters to me personally that our clients are positively surprised by the service our staff and I provide to them, ideally winning them over in the long term.

Feel free to place your trust concerning real estate in us and we will not disappoint you.
Michael Maile // Managing Director

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How to recognize a good real estate agent

The often negative reputation of realtors does not come by chance. Unfortunately, you always come across black sheep that bring our industry into disrepute. The following criteria may assist you to locate a good and reliable real estate agent of excellent repute:

#1 Expertise

  • Does the real estate agent have knowledge of the regional real estate and land market?
  • Is he a member of a relevant professional association?
  • Is he willing to provide you with references?
  • Does the real estate agent have a degree or sound training in the industry?
  • How much experience does the agent have in the field?
  • Is the real estate agent in a position to assess the value of a property?
  • Can he provide information on restructuring measures and costs?

#2 Consulting service

  • How much time does the realtor take for his clients?
  • Does he carry out individual inspections of properties to be able to respond to each client individually?
  • Does the agent allow his clients the freedom to take decisions in their own time?
  • Is he prepared to cooperate with an expert or legal advisor?
  • Does the agent draw your attention to risks and deficiencies?
  • Is he willing and able to document his marketing activities in writing?
  • Are the real estate agent’s exposés well designed?

#3 Personal impression of the realtor

  • Is the realtor well organized and structured?
  • Does his appearance inspire trust and show confidence?
  • Does the broker come across as trustable and personable?
  • Is he ready to answer well-founded questions without prior preparation?
  • Does the realtor have a representative office?
  • Is the broker’s company attractively represented on the internet?
  • Can the broker also be found in the telephone book?

How Maile Immobilien may assist you

To provide you with the best possible support in your search, Maile Immobilien has devel- oped the following core competencies:

Sale of residential real estate

Steps towards your own property are often associated with considerable financial expense and risk. This makes it all the more important to not only follow your gut feeling but also make precise calculations concerning worthwhile purchases and estimates regarding the property’s value in the medium to long term. We are glad to answer these and many other questions, and assist you in your search for a suitable home or the right investment.

Letting of residential properties

In the greater Stuttgart area, we regularly have apartments and houses available waiting for the right tenant. Due to the difficult supply and demand situation, finding the right property at short notice can be a challenge. Frequently tenants regret careless or hasty decisions as soon as they move in. We gladly accept inquiries and include them in our database so as to provide interested parties directly with offers.

Rentals of office and commercial space

Numerous tradespeople appreciate our assistance in obtaining representative offices or com- mercial spaces. As a rule, while the offer is extensive many properties can be excluded from the start. Maile Immobilien will ensure that you find just the right location for your company!

In addition, Maile Immobilien has a broad network at its disposal (see also: www.bni-stuttgart.com) including property managers, appraisers, craftsmen, architects, lawyers and financial service providers. Feel free to ask us about our contacts: we will be glad to put you in touch with qualified companies.