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Value appraisal

Others estimate the value of your real estate – we know it!

When selling your house or apartment, you naturally wish to obtain the best price. Even prospective buyers of houses or apartments in Stuttgart appreciate an appraisal.

When selling your house or apartment, you naturally wish to get the best price. Unfortunately, however, serious mistakes which could easily prevented by estimates and expert opinions on our part, are made right at the start. Do not fall into the trap of waiting for the buyer prepared to pay your ideal price. At the same time, do not give away your Stuttgart apartment to the first prospective buyer at too low a price. This is the moment where our value appraisal plays a decisive role.


Objective, reliable appraisals of your property


As required, adapted and conclusive documents regarding sales, inheritance share, property separation


Individual fee agreement

Wertgutachten für die Immobilie erstellen lassen

The real value of your property

No matter whether you want to buy or sell – Maile Immobilien determines the real value and market value of the property for you. 

We inspect the property with you as regards any structural defects. After a thorough inspec- tion, both real and market value of the property are determined, providing you with important indicators and arguments for the sale or purchase of your property. Appraisals also offer sig- nificant clues to prospective buyers of houses or apartments in the Stuttgart area.

When asked whether an appraisal is really worthwhile in specific cases, our reply is simple: Most real es- tate sales involve large amounts of money. Even small discrepancies can have a noticeable effect on your wallet.

For this reason alone, an expert opinion is almost always worthwhile. Should this ever not be so, we would advise prospective clients in advance. Determining mar- ket values of real estate is regulated by law i.e. based on section 194 Federal Building Code (BauGB) with corresponding regulations and guidelines.

Compliance with legal regulations is not the only fact that matters, however, an expert opinion must be comprehensible for the spe- cialist and understandable to the layman. Maile Immobilien offers you the right advice in this regard. Do feel free to contact us.


Real estate and value appraisals aimed at an objective and reliable price for your property


Taking all relevant factors such as road access, surroundings and need for rehabilitation into consideration


Available in differing degrees of detail

Wohnung vermieten in Stuttgart und Region

As a real estate appraiser, we are happy to work for you in Stuttgart

Real estate appraisals take all essential features concerning objects into account. The most detailed document in this respect is the full appraisal which states factors such as market value, location, external conditions such as road noise and air cleanliness, the value of sur- rounding property, need for renovation, etc. Not only in the Stuttgart area, an appraisal is also of interest to prospective buyers as renovation requirements of older buildings can amount to 50 per cent of the asking price. Having objective, reliable estimates available provide buyers with extra security and home sellers with further sales arguments i.e. more transparency for all parties involved. A sales price detailing all usual follow-up costs, possible restrictions in enjoying the property to the full as well as the house’s advantages facilitates purchase decisions and assures the seller of a rapid sale while not selling his house below value. As real estate appraisers in the Stuttgart area, we are happy to quickly and efficiently assist home sellers with a reliable evaluation of their property.

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