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Become a tipster!

Do you have a large circle of acquaintances and are well connected in your neighbourhood?

An acquaintance or colleague of yours wants to sell his house? Your neighbours are moving and selling their condominium? You know of a property that is to be sold?

Whether houses, flats or land – give us a tip and benefit from our attractive tipster commissions.


This is how it works:

1. contact us via contact form, email or phone call

2. we confirm the tipster agreement, check the tip and contact the owner.

3. your tip is successful, the seller benefits from our added values and the sale of the property is handled by us.

4. After conclusion of the purchase contract, we will transfer the tipster commission directly to your account.



The object is unknown to us so far and is not stored in our system.


The property has not yet been brokered or offered to the public. It must not originate from the Internet, the newspaper or other publicly accessible media.


The seller has no current valid contract with any other agent.


Our focus is on the greater Stuttgart area. In special cases, however, we are also happy to act as intermediaries throughout Germany.


The mediation leads to the conclusion of the purchase (successful notary appointment).


The tip is lawful and is not due to unfair measures (e.g. deception, unlawful cold calling).


If there are several tips on the same property, the tipster only receives the tip bonus once.


Further notes

If the tipster commission(s) exceeds € 256.00 per year, private individuals are obliged to pay tax on it as other income according to § 22 No. 3 EStG.

If you are active as a tipper more frequently than occasionally, the tipper commissions may be subject to VAT. In this case, please inform us so that we can transfer the commission correctly for VAT purposes.

Please make sure that the disclosure of the personal data of the person concerned is permissible.

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